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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Android ListView Part1

As the name suggests, ListViews are useful for displaying a scrollable list of items to the user. The items can be of any of the standard types like String or custom user defined types. It lets the users select one or more elements from the list and provides listeners to track change in selections.  ButContinue Reading

Alerting the android user

Android’s AlertDialog, just like Toasts, is  way of communicating timely information to the user. However, unlike Toast messages, they interrupt the user’s current activity and expect them to explicitly acknowledge the message. Android Dialog Lifecycle methods Dialog is the parent class for all types of dialogs in android including the AlertDialog. Before looking at theContinue Reading

Toasts in Android

Toast messages in android are a way to display a info level message such as “Battery low”/”Update successful” to the user. Toasts  however do not try to grab the attention of the user by explicitly asking for acknowledgement, meaning, they just silently pop-up without blocking the user’s current activity. display the required message and disappear. There isContinue Reading

Displaying options in your android app

Check Boxes and Radio buttons are another set of basic widgets for presenting data and choices to the user of your android application.  Both checkboxes and radio buttons have two states: checked and unchecked.  The difference is, checkboxes are standalone elements that can be toggled between checked and unchecked states whereas radio buttons once checkedContinue Reading

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