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Android abbreviations and terminologies

As someone getting into app development, I find it useful to main a list of abbreviations used by the android community.

  • .apk file:  Android application package file or apk file , is a single file containing the source code, the  resources used by your application and the manifest file.
  • Dalvik: Android’s own virtual machine (VM) that executes files in .dex format. The android programs written in java are  compiled by the Java compiler and converted into .dex format using the “dx” tool that comes with dalvik.
  • .dex file:  Dalvik Executable file or dex file , contains  the executable  instructions in a format optimized for efficient storage and execution by the Dalvik VM
  • adb:  Android Debug bridge, a command line debugging utility that comes with the Android SDK ( Software Development Kit)
  • DDMS:  Dalvik debug Monitor Service, a GUI tool for debugging the android app. Leverages the “adb” to connect to the emulator or device.
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