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Android Tutorial For Beginners

Here is a list of simple android tutorials for beginners.  These tutorials assume some prior experience with object oriented languages such as Java or  C#. You can find the code for these android app tutorials in the Android HOWTO Github project. Feel free to fork it and play around to have a better understanding of the android SDK and APIs. If you find any mistakes in my code or a better way to do the same things, please leave a comment on the post. This way everyone reading this can benefit from your suggestions ( including me ).

Forgive me if you find the mixture of images and different code highlighting tools used in these tutorials confusing. It took me a while to experiment and zero-in on the best tools to explain the code. Going forward I will try to keep it consistent.

Lastly, this is a work in progress. I intent to add more tutorials covering a wide range of topics on android app development. If you would like to receive the updates on the new topics,  please subscribe to the mailing list.


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