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Pomodoro Technique

I have here a series of easy to digest maps explaining the pomodoro technique. What is a pomodoro Benefits of pomodoro Pomodoro workflow Planning your pomodoros Handling day to day interruptions Tools that can be used for running pomodoros Tracking your day to day performance Tips for beginnersContinue Reading

Time, a longer perspective

Spending an hour or two everyday commuting to the office or watching TV have become such a norm that we don’t realize how much time we spend doing things that doesn’t add any value to our lives. Long Term perspective An hour spent doing a useless activity might not seem like a big deal immediately.Continue Reading

Simple Email Management Techniques

Though an essential communication tool,  the sheer volume of emails that we receive is overwhelming. Here are some simple but effective tips that I use to keep my email consumption to the essentials. I have used  Gmail ( for personal ) and Outlook ( for work) to illustrate because those are the ones I use,Continue Reading

Can you Walk or Bike to work ?

Dr.Covey talks about the 4 dimensions of human life, viz. Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional/Social in his 7habits book and suggests that we invest about an hour a day in renewing ourselves across these four dimensions to bring long lasting and significant changes in our lives.   In an attempt to apply what I haveContinue Reading

Identify your strengths

    Most of us are socially conditioned to  believe that in order to get ahead in life, we need to work on our weaknesses and try to overcome them. We have been asked to not give up and persevere. However, I think this would be an inefficient solution in the long run.  Instead whyContinue Reading

Stick to the essentials – 80/20 principle

80/20 principle Also called the pareto-principle, states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your  effort.  We can see examples of it in real life, 80% of time is spent on 20% of your activities.80% of your communication occurs with 20% of the people you know.80% of your profits come from 20% ofContinue Reading

A Simple way to focus

I was travelling this week. As part of the usual flight drill, I switched OFF my iPhone during take off and switched it back ON when I landed.  It took a few seconds for it to boot up to my home screen.  During  those couple seconds, all I could see on the screen was aContinue Reading

Essence of Proactivity – 7 Habits

How many of you have heard of Dr.Randy Pauch ?  If not, its never too late to check his last lecture. A pancreatic cancer basically cut his life short to couple months. Faced with such a situation most of us would have given up. Instead he chose to inspire the world and make a difference.  TheContinue Reading

Geese and the Golden Eggs – 7 Habits

The fable goes like this: “A farmer had a goose that laid golden eggs everyday.  The farmer sold the eggs and made a lot of money. But soon he grew impatient and decided to take all the golden eggs at once. He cut open the goose, only to find that there are no golden eggsContinue Reading


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao TzuContinue Reading

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