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Geese and the Golden Eggs – 7 Habits

The fable goes like this: “A farmer had a goose that laid golden eggs everyday.  The farmer sold the eggs and made a lot of money. But soon he grew impatient and decided to take all the golden eggs at once. He cut open the goose, only to find that there are no golden eggs and there is no way to produce more.”

Yeah I know, what you are thinking. Its a old story and yes, the farmer was stupid !!!  Yet many of us are committing the same mistake that the farmer did.

How often have you neglected your health & family ( geese)  in the name of work ( golden egg) ?  How much cash are you burning to satisfy your immediate needs ( golden eggs)  without considering your ability to repay ( geese) ?

Or, the  reverse.  Are you simply reading articles and books ( geese)  without applying what you have learnt to solve your real problems (golden eggs)  ? Are you too busy accumulating cash ( geese) instead of using it to enjoy life ( golden eggs) ?

The key to long term effectiveness lies in balancing both the Production (  golden eggs) and the Production Capability ( geese), the P/PC balance.   What are your geese and golden eggs ? Are you balancing them or is one suffering at the cost of the other ?

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