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Identify your strengths



Most of us are socially conditioned to  believe that in order to get ahead in life, we need to work on our weaknesses and try to overcome them. We have been asked to not give up and persevere. However, I think this would be an inefficient solution in the long run.  Instead why not  focus, develop and execute around our strengths ?  Working on tasks that compliment our strengths not only improves its success rate but also greatly reduces the stress levels on our minds and body. This does not mean we neglect our weaknesses. Instead of focussing all your energies on overcoming them, try to work around them whenever possible. For example you can partner with someone whose strengths compliment your weakness or find a good mentor.


Identify your strengths

Knowing your strengths will  allow you to choose the right tasks when opportunity knocks on your door. I recently took a strengths-finder assessment test and to my surprise the results match my intuitions that I had about my strengths


Here are my top five strengths


Harmony I tend to look for areas of agreement and focus on them during conflicting situations.

Restorative I like figuring out what’s wrong and coming up with solutions.

Focus I am  not distracted easily from my goals and objectives

Intellection I like to read, write and ponder on concepts and philosophies that interest me. This blog is probably a result of this.

Deliberative I usually anticipate most obstacles and take them into account while making my choices


The assessment test not only hints me on my top abilities, but also gives action steps that I can take to maximize them. Give it a try. You  might be surprised at your own capabilities and strengths. Besides knowing your strengths can be fun !!!



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