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A Simple way to focus

I was travelling this week. As part of the usual flight drill, I switched OFF my iPhone during take off and switched it back ON when I landed.  It took a few seconds for it to boot up to my home screen.  During  those couple seconds, all I could see on the screen was a white apple logo against a blank background.  No sounds, no animations, no other distractions. Just the logo. Exactly what Apple wants you to focus on, their “brand”.

Why not use the same tactic in our lives ? Decide on the one thing that you want to do next and only have what is absolutely necessary to complete that task in front of you. Nothing else.  

@computer  Have the one application on the screen that you require for the chosen task. Be ruthless. No news , no blogs, no facebook,  no emails ( turn those pop-ups off)

@desk  Get rid of the clutter, start with a clean desk . Have the one thing that you are handling right now.

@environment  Lock yourself into a room, get a noise cancelling head phone, let other people know that you don’t want to be disturbed, use the pomodoro technique. Do whatever it takes to eliminate distractions.

Without the distractions, its hard NOT to focus on the current task. Get it done, then move on to the next task. You ‘ll be amazed at how much work you can accomplish by following this one simple principle.   

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